Corporate Branding Guidelines

The Repsol brand is unique, easy to recognize and is the visual representation of our identity as a company. It helps
us tell the story of who Repsol is and what our values are, without saying a word.

From our signature Repsol orange to the ubiquitous 12° angle, which signifies moving forward as a company, the
Repsol brand sets us apart around the world.

To protect our image and achieve consistency, Repsol’s corporate branding guidelines explain how to apply the
elements that comprise our brand:

1.       The Repsol logo

2.       Our visual identity (colors, font and graphic style)

When applied properly, these elements combine to create a sleek, modern and progressive image for the Company
that is immediately identifiable as uniquely Repsol.  Proper use of the Repsol brand also builds prestige and respect
for the Company, which is vital to achieving our business goals.

If you have questions about the Repsol brand, or to request a copy of the corporate branding guidelines, contact
Christi Shafer at