Brand Canvas

The Repsol brand is unique, recognizable, and a legally protected visual representation of our identity as a company. Our brand is alive and constantly evolving, growing or losing value due to our actions.

Brand Architecture

Repsol maintains a monolithic brand strategy, which means that the entire Company operates under the parent brand, Repsol. Due to our multi-energy positioning, we do not create brands for verticals, divisions, or business units but contribute to the master brand's strength instead.

Brand Consistency


The Repsol logo is formed by two elements: the symbol (the image that accompanies the name) and the wordmark (the Repsol text).

Repsol strives to build the Repsol brand in North America, so we must use the vertical full-color logo whenever possible. Exceptions require corporate Brand approval.


We have a corporate color palette for all Company contexts and communications. The consistent use of our colors in all brand expressions makes it one of the backbone elements of our entire visual identity. When using color in points of contact, we can use different colors in the palette, prioritizing white and orange. The use of colors in the corporate palette other than white and orange may be considered in certain circumstances and requires corporate Brand approval.

Brand Contact

The Brand department manages and supervises the brand, but it is everyone’s responsibility to care for it, as everything we do and communicate from our departments can alter Repsol’s value. If you have questions about the Repsol brand, please contact Marca at